Discover the Sounds of St. Louis

In a city known for its sports teams, tourist attractions, and vibrant metropolitan area, the sonic landscape in St. Louis is as varied as there are people in it. Our current environment is exceptionally noisy; technological advancements that have allowed the city to grow taller and larger have also exacerbated its loudness. Each neighborhood of St. Louis has its own unique soundscape, or an aural environment that individuals interact with and relate to. Soundscapes give us more than solely aural information; the physical boundaries of a neighborhood, the industries in the area, the geography, and who lives in the area can all be information carried in a soundscape.

What role did sound play for the people of St. Louis' past?

Historic events such as European settlement, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, statehood, the Great Migration, the growth of Blues music, and the promotion of chess have all changed how the city sounds. 

This project aims to share what types of sounds people from St. Louis' past experienced. Students from the Digital Public History course in the University of Missouri - St. Louis Masters in Museums, Public History, and Cultural Heritage program visited museums around the city and recorded audio of artifacts from those sites.