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00:00- 1:18 Tori and Katie pre-call

1:19- 2:40 Tori, Katie and Shelia Rendon call connection and introductions

2:41- 3:25 State name, occupation and tell us about yourself please- she provided answers

3:26- 4:24 Did you say you grew up in St. Louis Place? Raised there and raised your children there too? How far did you have to move from your previous house to your new house after NGA took over that space? Her answers.

4:36- 10:42 Can you tell me a little bit about your family and what your childhood was like growing up in St. Louis Place? Her answers- Pruitt Igoe, segregation, STL Place, family life, Central Catholic, Church, neighborhood failing, people moving, moving to the county, city of st. louis, NGA, returned to the neighborhood, rebuilding, inspired, home repairs, potential golf course, always something to wipe out top southwest corner of STL PLace

10:43- 11:39 Sounds like you have a rich, connected history to the neighborhood. Her answers- poor, older, sick demographic as an excuse to get rid of that part of the neighborhood, fixed income, skewed demographic info, better for the city

11:40- 13:35 Shouldn't make anyone a target. Talking about your history in STL Place. When we say STL Place, what does that mean to you? Her answer- its my village (news, terrible things in the city, st. louis as a whole, crime is everywhere, doesn't ring true in STL Place, accidents, drugs, sirens, neighbors, very comfortable in STL Place, feel safe, apart of a whole, no strangers, self police, children

13:36- 16:05 Sounds wonderful, like village term and how you feel connected. How do you feel STL Place compares to other St. Louis neighborhoods? Her Answers- Pruitt Igoe, Loft District, artist community, Tower Grove South, disconnect, lack of neighborhood vibe, city service people living on her block, STL Place more of a Americana-ish neighborhood

16:06- 17:50 Shelia, what was it like raising kids here? Her answer- great, bus, always someone look out for us/kids, kids safe, people drive safe, police, no negative, secure, safe, get help

17:51- 20:55 That's wonderful. Wondering, since there is such a community vibe there, who were your local influences growing up? And who do you think that is for your children, as well? Her answers- older neighbors, church, mom and dad, husband, immigrants, refugee, El Salvador, welcomed, primary influence- WIlly Dukes, moved back, daycare center in the neighborhood, coming back into the neighborhood, safe, have some place to go, maintain vacant lots, 2005 to 2012- block party

20:56- 23:09 Really great, strong relationships. What are some of your fondest memories growing up in the neighborhood? Her answer- brother, married, 2300 block, 4th of july, family, so much space, vacant lots everywhere, everyone could hang out, we had room for everyone, making new memories, built park, Promise Park, former factory, greenspace, ground floor apartments, condos, private owners, not city owned, building development

23:10- 25:50 Sounds wonderful. New developments to STL Place, so many neighborhood parks. BBQ, horseshoe pit, Community driven experience- can you tell us something special about STL Place that people, maybe even those living in St. Louis, that they may not know about? Her answer- not the gateway to North St. Louis, soccer stadium, west county, old north, crown candy, we are not old north gate, individual neighborhood, neighborhood turn around, hopeful, community, promised for decades, redevelopment, want out community to be ours, not the NGA, we were her before NGA, those are employees, not full time residents,

25:51-28:39 More about NGA now, can you tell us more about how it is affecting your life and your reactions to the NGA coming to St. Louis? Her answer- we don't want them here, not welcoming to people on neighborhood, isolated, possible target for crime/disruptions, won't be a place for jobs, if we had a choice or say, similar neighbors to us, no priced out, properties building out of neighborhood price point, zero waste homes, over priced, causing property values to go up, can't afford property taxes, lose homes, NGA

28:40- 29:13 Unfortunate, sounds like NGA looked at negatively in STL Place- do your neighbors feel that as well? Her answer- yes, city will take home

29:14- 29:45 Have you and your home longer than grace period? Her answer- yes, 1963- family in house over 50 years)

29:46- 31:47 In terms of STL Place how do you feel the community has remained historically relevant given current society today? Her answer- brick, stability of the homes, clay mines, city, preservationists, historic homes, Soulard, Benton Park, Lafayette Park, Hyde Park, people didn't know what STL Place was, identity, working on who we are

31:48- 34:20 Wondering, do you have any stories about St. Louis place from older generations that you will pass on, even though NGA is coming into the neighborhood? Her answers- yes, her siblings were adults when she was born, different perspective, her perspective was decline of the neighborhood, eateries, cleaners, five and dime stores, no grocery stores, youth, earl 20s, different neighborhood, pizza place, italian immigrants, bakeries, community center, there were businesses, churches, bars,schools

34:21- 35:37 Does your family still live in STL PLace now? Extended family? Her Answer- her family lives in St. Louis County, they want to move back, we are hopeful though, new developments, 50+ age apartment, to live, not just visit, her family would move into the family then, love it, push for it

35:38-39:25 Do you know if there is a plan in place for that to happen, or just a great way to utilize that space? Her answers- discussion for redevelopment , hopeful, not being used, pretty decent relationship with developer in neighborhood, brewery, preservation square, murphy park, no hope for Paul McKey, first right of refusal, should be a crime, neighborhood rights, city of st louis gave it to him, urgent care being built, not hospital, tricked the city, medicare/medicaid, privately owned urgent care

39:26- 40:16 Have there been any community leaders who are trying to fight Paul McKey? Her answers- no, all in his pocket, only residents fighting, issues with family coming back because of this